PMMI provides daily cleaning service on the Portland Mall, as well as the LRT Loop – the area along SW 1st Avenue between SW Yamhill and NW Everett as well as along SW Morrison and SW Yamhill between 1st and 13th. Cleaning services include:

  • Daily removal of litter and graffiti, a general cleaning-up of sidewalks and transit shelters;
  • Weekly high-pressure washing of all transit shelters and station areas;
  • Monthly high-pressure washing of sidewalks to remove embedded grime, stains and other materials; and
  • On-call services for immediate cleaning needs.


PMMI provides enhanced security throughout the Portland Mall and the LRT Loop. Two armed and eight unarmed security officers are deployed to provide the “eyes and ears” necessary to foster an environment that is safe for transit customers and pedestrians as well as business-friendly.


PMMI’s agreement with TriMet includes a required Capital Maintenance Account, which is funded with annual payments. This account ensures that funding is available for routine repainting, repaving or general repair projects on the Portland Mall as needed.

PMMI provides maintenance for the physical infrastructure along the Portland Mall. This includes projects that were often neglected in the past, including cyclical repainting of benches, traffic signals, and streetlight and other poles.

PMMI pays special attention to the sand-set brick paver intersections, to ensure their long-term as-constructed integrity. PMMI prunes trees on a regular basis, avoiding conflicts with transit operations and providing a less dense canopy that allows ambient light to filter down to street level.


PMMI will partner with members of the business community to sponsor free events in available public spaces throughout the Portland Mall and the LRT Loop area.

PMMI Services