Maintaining and securing the integrity of
Portland’s Transit Mall.

Our Mission

Portland Mall Management, Inc.’s mission is to bring together community stakeholders to collaborate in maintaining the Portland Mall, keeping it the business-friendly and pedestrian-oriented environment it was built as, and avoiding neglect and deterioration.


About PMMI

Portland Mall Management aims to create a Transit Mall with an attractive and active streetscape that compliments and provides for the success of adjacent commercial, cultural, and institutional uses. Through an investment of more than $200 million, the Portland Mall Revitalization Project (2007-2009) introduced light-rail service to the Portland Mall. After the reconstruction (2009), the Portland Mall reopened to its original architectural excellence and grace. The long-term benefits of this investment are realized only through ongoing stewardship and timely responses to physical, social, and environmental changes in the area. Recognizing this need, a group of private-sector business leaders partnered with the City of Portland and TriMet to form Portland Mall Management, Inc. (PMMI), a 501(c) public-benefit corporation.

about the transit mall

The Portland Transit Mall is downtown Portland’s transit hub, spanning more than 57 blocks along 5th and 6th avenues. This public transit corridor travels north to Union Station and south to PSU, through the center of downtown Portland. The Portland Mall utilizes two one-way streets; two of the three lanes on each street are dedicated to transit vehicles ensuring the safety and priority of pedestrians. One lane is shared by autos and bicycles.


Funding for the services PMMI provides comes through a series of agreements between TriMet, the City of Portland, Clean and Safe, and Portland State University. For fiscal year 2019-2020 PMMI’s budget is $2 million, and that amount is supplemented by in-kind services provided by the Clean and Safe, Pioneer Courthouse Square, and Portland State University.

Programming and Communications

PMMI provides more than 20 events each year within the central Transit Mall to support an active and vibrant streetscape along SW 5th and SW 6th Avenues in downtown Portland.   These year-round programs currently include Mondays on the Mall and the seasonal Holidays on the Mall.  Coordination for these socially engaging community programs and their messaging is achieved in partnership with Pioneer Courthouse Square, and includes the engagement of diverse community stakeholders.